Products: Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management Systems

Logistics and Automation Division's Material Handling Controller (MHC) software utilizes a state-of-the-art control system for a wide range of automated equipment. The MHC warehouse management system may be used with small Windows-based PCs or larger UNIX systems capable of fault-tolerant operations. The WMS system user interface is adaptable to either ASCII terminals or a graphical Windows environment. Graphical monitoring allows the operator to easily monitor and control WMS system operation.

MHC warehouse management systems can interface to and control a wide variety of automated equipment, including stacker cranes, automatic guided vehicles, robotrains, conveyors, overhead monorail systems, carousels and other equipment.

Incorporating a highly modular baseline design, the MHC warehouse management system allows the same software to be configured with assorted applications. This ensures the WMS system that runs a factory or warehouse has been used and tested in real-world conditions.

MHC typically interfaces with the customer's host computer system to transfer material information between systems. It also communicates to and controls PLCs. bar code readers, display boards, weight scales, label printers and other equipment.


X500 - Warehouse Management System

This WMS plays a vital role in supply chain management (SCM) and helps improve the QCD (high quality, high functionality and low cost) for our customer's logistic needs. Our solutions provide flexible support form one-unit automated systems for small scale requirements to enterprise level automated systems for large scale operations.