Services: Warranty

As part of our commitment to world class personalized customer service, we provide a one-year warranty on materials and workmanship for all Murata manufactured equipment.

The warranty period begins immediately following successful completion of the system throughput and availability tests. Murata's warranty includes the following provisions:

  1. No warranty shall apply to any Murata equipment that is altered in any way.
  2. Preventive maintenance shall be performed and documented at specified intervals. Obvious malfunctions or worn parts shall be corrected or repaired in a timely manner to prevent consequential damage to other components.
  3. All Murata-provided equipment shall be operated within the specified limitations and approved by Murata personnel prior to installation.
  4. Any additional Murata equipment (not installed by Murata) shall be inspected and approved by Murata service personnel prior to "power on".
  5. The warranty shall cover any defects found in workmanship and manufacturing, and shall not cover consumable, perishable, or normal wear details such as grease, contacts, fuses, lamps, wheels, etc.
  6. The warranty shall apply for a period of one (1) year after completion of acceptance testing.
  7. This warranty does not include any damage incurred to the system from any other machinery, equipment, conveyors, signals, interfacing, or operator errors.
  8. Component swapping between vehicles, devices, controllers, etc., will void the warranty.
  9. In order to preserve the warranty, all work on the system must be performed by a person who has successfully completed a Murata training course for the work being performed and is so certified. Proper procedures and tools must be used.