Murata Machinery USA Celebrates 40 Years of 'Reliability by Design'

Celebrating 40 Years
October 15, 2014


This year, Murata Machinery USA, Inc., based in Charlotte, NC, is celebrating its 40th year in business. The company is widely recognized as a leader in reliable, high production machine tools and innovative industrial automation. The company offers sales, service and support of the Muratec brand in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Murata Machinery USA, Inc. is a subsidiary of Murata Machinery Ltd., Kyoto, Japan and is comprised of four divisions – Machine Tools, made up of Turning and Fabrication business units, Logistics and Automation, Clean Factory Automation and Textiles.

Predating Murata Machinery USA by 12 years, the Logistics & Automation Division began servicing North American customers in 1962. Murata is the world’s fourth-largest turnkey installer of automated material handling systems, with more than 11,000 systems in place.

The Clean Factory Division focuses on automated material handling that meets the stringent contamination-free standards of clean room operations. Today, Muratec material handling systems set the industry standard for clean room environment transport and storage.

The Murata Machine Tools Division is comprised of its Turning and Fabrication business units.

Murata Machinery has engaged in creating lathes for the turning market since 1961. Originally the company made lathes for Warner & Swasey Company in the 1970’s and 80’s. Murata purchased Warner & Swasey Company in the mid 1980’s and established the current organization. The Turning business unit focuses on an extensive line of CNC turning machines and high-speed automation. Murata continues to create innovative, industry-leading single- and twin-spindle turning machines for a variety of industries. Decades in the making, Muratec’s reputation for precision, high production turning centers remain solid.

The company's Fabrication business unit specializes in applications, service and sales of turret punch presses, fiber lasers and automation for those machines. The Fabrication unit began as Murata-Wiedemann in 1989 upon Murata’s purchase of the storied Wiedemann line. Murata builds on the tradition of innovative design, reliability and productivity that began with the introduction of the first Wiedemann punch press in 1934.

The Textile Division was the flagship product line at Murata Machinery’s inception 40 years’ ago. Since then, it has developed numerous proprietary technologies that have forever changed the textile industry. These technologies have contributed to improved quality in textiles and knitted products, and the Muratec brand is now highly regarded as a leading innovator in automated textile machinery.

For more information or to view Murata’s extensive line of products, visit or call 800-428-8469.