Markets: Retail

Warehousing and Distribution Equipment for Retailers

It is critical for the retail sector to provide products when and where consumers are willing to purchase them. Warehousing and distribution equipment for retailers is a vital link in the chain of technology and services that keeps those products flowing to the customers who desire them. Muratec considers it a matter of trust that we continue to provide the most innovative, modular warehousing and distribution equipment to retailers nationwide.

At Muratec, We Focus on Three Primary Models for Delivering Goods to Retail Stores:

  1. Traditional Warehousing/Distribution
    Vendors ship goods to retail DCs, where the goods are kept until store orders need to be filled. Orders are then picked (often using a "wave process" for batches of stores) and delivered to the stores.
  2. Crossdock DCs
    Shipments from inbound suppliers are moved directly to outbound vehicles, with very little or no storage in between. In the optimum situation, products never touch the floor or a shelf, though some amount of staging is often used.
  3. Direct-to-store Delivery
    Vendors ship goods directly from their own facilities to retail store outlets.

Muratec brings the foremost modular automated solutions to the retail distribution marketplace by supplying best-in-class products consisting of AS/RS, AGVS, conveyor and monorail systems.