Products: ASRS


Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

Muratec picking systems are easily designed around real time storage and retrieval records, first in first out system, order of freshness and other useful inventory management functions.



Mini-Load AS/RS

Muratec's new Mini-Load AS/RS is featured with:


Pallet AS/RS PC Series

Muratec’s standard pallet AS/RS has a tremendous success record in various industries. The entire system is operated with the AS/RS control computer, and a comprehensively managed system operation with peripheral equipment, flat storage management and WMS are available.

PC Series Standard

PC Series Low-Rise Heavyweight Type

Units may be installed in existing buildings or building-integrated floor to ceiling systems.


Pallet AS/RS PX Series

The PX series, Muratec's most advanced AS/RS has maximum storage capacity and high throughput reaching the greatest traveling, hoisting and fork speeds in the industry. Work efficiency is improved by using not only effective storage function but also storage/ retrieval capacity with high rotation and high precision. The AS/RS PX is ideal for distribution centers.


Pallet AS/RS SH series

For heavy and long goods

AS/RS SH for heavy goods and long goods is useful in various environments such as sheet-metal processing plants, wood processing plants, production sites, distribution centers for goods like carpets and printing material roll storage facilities. This system is required for goods that cannot be stacked or hard to handle due to "heavy weight, large size, long length or hard-to-carry conditions.


Case AS/RS UX series

The case AS/RS UX is available for various shapes and weights of buckets and carton cases. This system is widely used for picking and shipping work to precisely and quickly move material where and when you need it. Backside pickers connected to inclined shelves behind the rack, digital indicators and shipping sorters are coordinated to construct the optimal system. Cycle time is significantly reduced with high-speed operation and maximum speed control.